The first half of taking a great picture is showing up for it!

About LOA


Wayne & Deann Dixon are a husband and wife freelance travel photography team based out of Salt Lake City, Utah who have a passion for travel and photographing the uniqueness and beauty of nature. As Lens of Adventure, they specialize in landscape, night-time, time-lapse and aerial photography. Their content has appeared on television, guidebooks, advertising, and more. They often just “get away” by traveling, hiking or off-roading to remote or less-known locations to explore and capture the uniqueness of the area, which may be undiscovered by most others. They spend many long, cold, and uncomfortable hours and nights in a tent, in their vehicle, or on the side of a mountain while waiting for just the right light setting to capture a certain photograph or time-lapse video.

As Lens of Adventure, they also have a YouTube channel to vlog their adventures and behind-the-scene footage, and to showcase their videography to their followers. They enjoy sharing their stories and their interesting photography experiences with others, and are always ready for their next adventure of creating unique, colorful, and dynamic visuals!

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